Tastvin technology

A cellar is designed for the evolution of wines, often over several years.
The use of high quality materials, manufacturing techniques and features award Tastvin cellars an exceptional longlife.
Other criteria for a cellar of quality:
Constant regulated temperature
Perfectly adapted hygrometry and ventilation
Natural ventilation
The absence of detrimental odours
Absence of vibration
Pratical and modular storage units.

Tastvin cabinet reunite all of these indispensable elements in addition to the pleasure and ease of utilisation.

Armoire à vin en coupe

Regulation electronique Tastvin

Cabinet display panel for wine cellars

• Temperature management by micro processor.
• Regulating simplicity
• Automatic regulation Hot/ Cold.
• Permanent temperature display.
• Motor security (delayed compressor start-up).
• Function display (heating/ cooling lights).
• On/Off switch.

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