Tastvin technology

Tastvin offers large volume solutions, wine cellar fittings and custom cellars.
The quality and originality of the wine cellars manufactured by Tastvin are well established. Just like you, we are committed to the good conservation of your wines to make tasting them real moments of pleasure.

The advantages of Tastvin products


Tastvin wine cellars benefit from optimal insulation using extruded polystyrene, CFC-free, with H-joints to prevent thermal bridges.
They are equipped with carefully designed, UV-treated glass doors.


The standard color of the furniture is black. However, several additional options are available to you to personalize your wine cellar.


Many customizations are available:
- cellar color,
- type of storage,
- lighting,
- choice of materials: wood, stainless steel, etc.

In fact, the cellars are made to measure and can therefore be personalized to each person's request or desires.

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