Shelves are shelves used to store bottles in a wine cellar. Tastvin offers several shelf systems to meet all needs. They are designed to meet ergonomic concerns and are easy to use.
The medium shelf absorbs any vibrations from the environment and has water-repellent properties, so that it remains stable in a humid environment. Sliding on rollers for individual storage, it can be locked in a fixed position for stacking bottles. The locations of the bottles are cut out from the mass (the bottles are thus well positioned). The standard shelves can accommodate several sizes of wine bottles: not only Bordeaux, but also Alsace and Burgundy wines. The wooden profile front has a label holder. Each type of shelf has a defined use.

Clayette Standard Clayette Champagne Clayette Magnum Clayette Présentation Clayette Bocaux
Standard Shelf Champagne Shelf Magnum Shelf Presentation Shelf Jars Shelf

To properly organize your wine cellar with shelves, it is best to alternate storage methods. Thus, display shelves will have a nice effect in the upper part of the cellar. The sliding shelves should be installed at eye level. We can equip the bottom of cellars and cabinets with sliding shelves in fixed mode in order to store a larger number of bottles.


The shelves shown above are compatible with: Espace / Sliding storage.
For Le Cavicase, other shelves are used. Their dimensions are L 53 cm x D 36 cm.
With custom wine cellars, you can do what you want. The design possibilities are endless and adapt to the customer's wishes. The shelves shown above can therefore be used in this context, of course.


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