Standard shelf

On the standard water-repellent MDF shelves, you will store your bottles horizontally in two rows, 6 at the front and 5 at the back. The shelf slides on side rails which allows you to read the label, view the bottles at the bottom and pick up the bottle. This system is perfect for storing the next wines to be opened. The shelves are delivered equipped with slides which are positioned in the rails already present in the wine cabinets. These sliding shelves offer storage space limited to one layer of bottles.
At Tastvin, these are the sliding shelves that we will adjust to a fixed position, using a lock on the bottom of the shelf, to transform them into storage shelves. They then offer the opportunity to store a large number of bottles horizontally. You can in fact store 6 bottles on the front and 5 at the back on the first layer, then stack other bottles on 4 levels maximum, which is not possible with the sliding shelves (the risk is that the bottles from above fall to the ground). This significantly increases the storage capacity.


Storage capacity - In sliding mode: 11 bottles

Storage capacity - In locked mode: 32 bottles

Maximum weight capacity: 66 kg

Material: water-repellent MDF

Type of bottles: Bordeaux / Alsace / Burgundy

The cutout is designed with the dimensions of Burgundy bottles for width and those of Alsace for length. Thus, these slightly larger wines sit perfectly in our shelves and are not likely to tip over when moving. Of course, the imprints are also suitable for Bordeaux bottles, which are slightly smaller in size. This shelf accepts 90% of bottle sizes.
Compatibility with our cellars:
- Wine cabinets
- Space
- Sliding storage
- Custom cellar.
Width: 51 cm
Depth: 55 cm.

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